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Some notes on sponsoring a Leo Club

Some of the things necessary to sponsor a LEO CLUB are as follows:

A Lion from the sponsoring Club must act as a Leo Advisor. This Lion will have constant contact with the Leo officers and must be able to put in extra hours to make the Club work.

The Leo officers are required to file certain forms to International. These are similar to our M&A reports but are only due quarterly. It will be the Leo Advisor's job to see that these forms are filed in a timely manner or he/she will be hearing from me.

The sponsoring Lions Club is responsible for all monies to International. These include a sponsoring/charter fee of $100 (this fee may be prorated). This fee includes the Charter, a Leo Advisor Kit, twenty membership kits, lapel pins, and other information. After Chartered, there is an annual fee of $90, which is also the responsibility of the sponsoring Lions Club. There is a $5 membership fee for each new member to cover new member kits and yes, you pay that too. If the Leo Club wishes, it may levy its own annual dues to cover its administration costs and the members may wish to purchase other club products - shirts, vests, hats, etc. These expenses are the Leos' responsibility.

Having served as Leo Chair for a number of years, my only complaint is that I do not receive the Leo Club forms in a timely manner. I often have to contact the Advisor and on a couple of occasions, called the Leo officers directly.

Sponsoring a Leo Club is a huge responsibility and you should feel free to contact the other Leo Sponsoring Lions Clubs and ask any and all questions of them. If you still feel you want to proceed, get an advisor lined up, and invite prospective Leo members to a meeting which, if you wish, I'll attend and try a give a more informative presentation. You are encouraged to check out the Leo Zone at Please email or call me at (518) 863-4558 if you have any questions. Good luck and I remain..

Yours in Lionism,

Jace Tuccio
District 20-Y2 LEO Chairman (2001-2002)