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LCIF and Hurricane Joaquin

LCIF is in the process of issuing emergency grants to all the districts involved in the flooding in the Carolinas. It is also assessing the size and depth of the problem so they can develop a plan of action to see what level of immediate aid and what level of long term assistance will be necessary. When that is established, they will put out the request to all Lions as to how they can best help. If clubs and individuals wish to do something sooner, they can donate to LCIF toward the disaster grant program. I will keep the district updated as I receive information.

Yours in Lionism,
PDG Ed Stano

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015

This information on Hurricane Joaquin (in the United States) is being provided as an update in the event you receive questions about how LCIF is responding to this disaster.

Over the weekend Hurricane Joaquin caused excessive rain fall, major flooding and damage that extends over several states on the east coast. As the rainfall continues off and on, the flooding has severely damaged roads and washed away bridges, limiting access in and around the areas. The US Coast Guard is present assisting with evacuations and relocating people to shelters. Thousands have left their homes. The actual number of people displaced, injured and lost/dead is still being tallied. Five states have been declared an emergency. While the storm moves along the coastline, more rain is expected over the next 3-4 days.

In particular, LCIF has been in regular communication with the Lions in North Carolina (MD-31), South Carolina (MD-32) and the Bahamas (MD-35). Major flooding has been noted for parts of South Carolina. They have all been assured that emergency grants are available and additional funds if needed.  To date, three $10,000 Emergency grants have been awarded to Districts 31-N, 32-D and 35-N (for the Bahamas).

The Lions are working to determine what they can do/what they need, as many of them are assessing what is going on in their own communities. They are reaching out to and meeting with local emergency management services for guidance. Things are likely very chaotic right now, but we will remain in contact with them for regular updates and to provide support and further guidance, as needed. Things may get worse with the continued rainfall.

Once we have more information from the Lions on the local situations, we will have a better idea of what additional assistance is required from LCIF. Please feel free to direct any inquiries to our attention.



KaSondra L. Byrd
Manager, Humanitarian Programs
Lions Clubs International Foundation
Direct Line: 1-630-468-6826
Fax: 1-630-706-9179