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Telephone Lions Club

Hello everyone:


You're cordially invited to attend by telephone, an informational meeting, to discuss the formation of a telephone-based Lions club.


The Meeting will be held 7:00 pm., Wednesday, April 13th.


        Call-in number: (218) 339-7800


        When requested, access code:    450-9409


A lot of people don't join clubs because they don't want to  leave their house to attend meetings, or they have a hard time getting to them, for many reasons, including distance from an existing local club. We've brain-stormed on how to get a group together, that is, a group of like-minded and service-oriented individuals, living in New York state, who enjoy camaraderie, and making a difference in the world, to meet, via a teleconference phone call.


Thanks to the modern world of inexpensive teleconferencing, we're able to do things like have a Telephone Lions Club. There will be officers, individuals will be able to speak and be heard, and we can have up to 200 people on one call, with a moderator to keep order. Membership dues will be paid like a normal Lions Club.


Meetings will be held at a mutually agreed date and time (preferably  in the evening, to accommodate most people who work), and have the same format and be run, like an in-person Lions Club would.  There will be frequent guest speakers, discussions about topics pertinent to the blind community and other Lions-related efforts, particularly in New York State, and the sharing of helpful news and other information.


We'd like to hold the meetings twice a month: one general membership meeting, and one board meeting, at which non-board members can participate, except they  can't vote. Everyone's input is appreciated, and suggestions are welcomed.


If you're interested and have questions, please attend the meeting, or feel free to contact me.  Thank you for considering this.  I think we can make a success of the club and get a lot out of it.


Lion Maria Heinlein

(315)797-2233 or (315)796-8267 or