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From the LCI Newswire of April 1, 2013:

Be Aware: Scam Alert

During recent months, there have been a number of phone and email scams involving Lions. One member bought into an email scam and lost $2,700. Another received a check from Lions that looked legitimate, including correct routing numbers. Because she wasn't expecting money, she called the Lions Help Desk and discovered it was a scam. The perpetrators are also posing as members and contacting other members to make donations via phone. Unfortunately, if you lose money in a scam, there is no legal recourse and no way to recover the money. If you want to donate to LCIF, you can do so through your local club or by going to If you suspect a scam, or if you're unsure, please contact or call 1-630-468-6800. For tips on how to protect yourself from scams, visit the Lions Blog.