Lion Frank Leffler presents a new Lions pin to MSgt Willie Gizara (on the left, who designed the pin) and to Colonel Verle Johnston, Jr., Vice Commander of the 109th Airlift Wing. The pin depicts an LC-130 taking off from the snow at the South Pole, and it clearly shows the name "Scotia/Glenville Lions Club." The LC-130 is the only four-engine turboprop aircraft that is equipped with skis, and is the only military aircraft that travels to both the North and South poles as its primary mission. This is the same organization that rescued Dr. Geri Neilsen from the South Pole recently, when she encountered critical health problems.

The 109th Airlift Wing is located in the town of Glenville, and PDG Orv Curtiss was a member for 39 years. A long time ago, he thought that a pin should be commissioned by the Scotia/Glenville Lions Club to recognize the Wing's community involvement. Lion Frank Leffler picked up the gauntlet, and now the members of the 109th will be aware of the Lions Club in Scotia-Glenville, as the club will be aware of the 109th.